We take PRIDE in your RIDE


Fast and Safe Vehicle Transport & Shipping Services

Pride and Service are Second to None At Unique Freight we take great pride in providing you with second to none vehicle transportation. Our employess understand how much your vehicle means to you and how important it is to move it safely and efficently. Wether you just purchsed a new toy and need to get it home or you want to take a vacation and need your prized possession at the other end to meet you, we can transport it for you.

All of our employees understand the importance of shipping your vehicle damage free. To achive this we started by giving our drivers clean, well maintained trucks to operate. Next, our trailers are specialy designed and fully equipped to ensure your vehicle is loaded properly. It must be secure and meet or exceeds all transportation regulations and requirements. Our drivers all ensure that there will be no damage during transit.

Everyone at Unique Freight understands customs procedures. If you are importing or exporting into Canada or the United States we know what to do at the border and what is required. As we all know, dealing with Customs can be very exhausting. Not every rule applies to every situation when importing exporting. Our knowledge will help eliminate potenial issues and or delays related with customs.

Unique Freight has an Excellent safety rating. We are fully insured and we are constantly in contact with both the U.S. and Canadian transportation authorities to stay current with Transportation laws and regualtions.